Our Approach

The 3- Step Medical Model


Our approach to the design, purpose and benefit of a mutual ministry review is based firmly in the 3-step medical model for the clinical care of a person.

First, the doctor makes a thorough examination of the patient to gather information.

A wise person has an annual check-up with their doctor (and other specialists) for a comprehensive examination of their body’s functioning and systemic health: heart, blood pressure, weight, eyesight, and a variety of tests.
We believe church leadership teams benefit by undertaking an annual examination of their leading, and the health of their church.

Second, the doctor makes a provisional diagnosis.

A doctor has particular expertise to identify the signs and symptoms of disease. A doctor identifies problem areas which need urgent and immediate attention: symptoms if left untreated indicate the presence of risk.

Third, the doctor suggests change, or offers recommendations.

The doctor shares all the medical evidence, their provisional diagnosis, and their recommendations for treatment or intervention: a good doctor offers specific changes for the patient’s lifestyle and future well-being.

We believe a thorough and regular examination of ministry promotes an accurate and realistic diagnosis of the quality of work of leading, and it promotes the spiritual health of the mission and ministry of a church.