How to order MMR


Steps to order and complete your MMR

1. Order your MMR by clicking the button below –  $269.00
2. We email a secure link to the person who placed the order.
3. That person then sends email with secure link to all persons on Vestry (rector and lay).
4. Each person on Vestry has 14 days to log on and complete 175 survey questions.
5. After 14 days we close the link and no more data is accepted  for inclusion in the final report.
6. Once the link is closed we collate and analyze the data.
7. After 20 days of initial order we email the completed MMR report to the vestry person who placed the order.
8. That person then forwards by email the completed MMR report (PDF file) to each clergy and vestry member.


We invite you to see an example of MMR survey questions on growth. Download File



What does the report cover?

Your MMR report will cover 12 core components common to all church leadership, whatever one’s denomination

  • Leadership
  • Managing conflict
  • Culture
  • Ministry and mission
  • Growth
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Decision making
  • Performance and monitoring
  • Finance
  • Security, Health and Safety
  • Training and development


What do you get in your MMR report?

  1. A 42 page report which includes a 24 page detailed analysis of the completed 175 survey questions plus 6 pages of supporting commentary, 1 page of recommendations and 2 pages of guidance on 3 key challenges to Adaptive Leadership in a congregation.
  2. Guidelines on how to read and interpret the report and take action.
  3. Our Guidelines for a Purpose Driven Vestry Retreat.


What does it help you do?  

Your MMR report will enable you to:

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Confirm goals reached.
  3. Select core components in need of immediate improvement or intervention.
  4. Set markers to improve your adaptive leadership and gain positive outcomes.
  5. Clarify your purpose.